Friday, August 22, 2008

Short Long Run

I've been trying to up my long runs lately in an effort to prepare for the Philadelphia Distance Run. Last weekend I did a bit over 12 miles. This weekend, I'll likely participate in the Stone Harbor 10k on Sunday, so I wanted to try to get my "long run" in today. Of course, I also had to be at work at a reasonable hour and I didn't want to get up too too early.. oh yeah, and I didn't want to be wiped out for the duration of the day, so I opted to do a shorter long run this week.

Tinicum... of course... plenty of the usual suspects, a few fawns, a kazillion bunnies, and an almost albino groundhog. Did the same route as last Sunday - but with only one loop around Darby Lake. I was curious about the actual mileage of this route so I mapped it out - even though I really have no business taking the time to do that right now. So, if you're interested, here is the route.

Felt okay today... not great, not horrible. I had some of the tightness in my right lower leg again, but not as bad as it was the other day. I didn't need to stop and stretch it out - I just ran through it.

9.2 in 81:30

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Maggie Mae said...

Oooo you are doing the distance run? We considered it--last week. But 4 weeks doesn't seem like enough time to prepare. Have you done it? I want to definitely do it next year-it will fall on my 30th birthday!